About RIAAM Institute

The Main Statement of the Institute

According      to the history, astronomy     science is related to Muslims and Iranians from     hundreds years ago, and Iranian scientists’ discoveries and innovations confirm this matter in the Middle age of Europe and before the continent America was discovered.

Establishing the research center for science and astronomy   in  Maragha has  been the most remarkable activity. Its building was established by a famous scientist, KhajehNasiraddin Tousi, in 1259 and it had its activity about 55 years at least.

RIAAM building

According to the available documents, the observatory that  was built in that scientific and research center had been the largest and the  most creditable observatory, during that time and even many years after that time. Based on this great antecedent of astronomy in Iran and the most important role of Maragha’s Observatory in astronomy science exalting, the Research Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragha has been established.
This Institute that knows its own aim to revival and introduce of scientific and  research will of Maragha’s Observatory. Besides, it shares itself in producing and introducing up-to-date science in astronomy and cosmology and doing research projects at international level.In this direction,the institute concentrates its main activity on achieving the following cases:

  1. Developingresearch inthe field of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and relevant technologies by designing plans which they are based on fundamental, development and applicative projects.
  2. To employ andorganize the researchers and provide theirscientific and convenience needs.
  3. To recognizeand supply the scientificand research needs of other institutions in subject of Institute’s activity.
  4. To make a relevant connection and reciprocalscientificrelations with other internal and foreign research centers.
  5. To providedeveloped astronomical equipments and forming suitable situationas a research center between universities and higher education institutions of country.
  6. Forminghigher education and research programs in astronomy and other relatedsubjects.
  7. Registeringscientific inventions and publishing researchproducts.
  8. Passing off scientific seminars and meetingsin national, regional and internationallevels.
  9. To provide educational andresearchshort-time courses and workshops.


The way the Institute Established:

The suggestion of establishing the Institute was presented to the Ministry of Science,Research and Technology by awakening society’s scientific requirements and also historical bases of our country.
The primary agreement to establish the Institute was done in June 2002. Then theactivities and its functions were started in January2003,after the supervisor’s order was issued. The final agreement of the Higher Education Developing Council
was made with forming of the Research Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragha in July 2003, and its approval constitution was issued to the Institute to carry out in December 2003. For the time, suggested organization of Institute is in inspection and approval stage.
Growing the level of Institute’s activity, increasing research groups and establishing complementary educations and research courses & PhD and post-Doclevels are the next plans of the Institute