About Maragheh


Maragheh heaven of Azarbaijan

Maragheh is located in West-North of Iran and in East Azarebaijan.Maragheh was capital of Iran Holako khun era.

Moreover Maragheh became scientific center in astronomy (677 A.H) by khaja al Nasir al Din Tosi’s observatory, which is well-known in world.

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Some of it’s historical places and architecture feats belong to Mongol and Safavi era. When ilkhani’s tribes became Moslem, they made some mosques, such as Qafarieh Dome Tower. In Ilkhani era walls became  higher and more beautiful than Saljoghi era, they paid attention to stucco works a lot and created precious works.

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Some old trees in streets and beautiful old architecture are in indicators of cultural , historical and social identity of native people in Maragheh. The name Maragheh is derived from Margh( Arabic word ) that means being in soil , because during it’s history, Maragheh was weltered and then stood up.

Some geographers believe that Maragheh ’main and old name was Emdad Rood or Afraz Rood(Raised River).

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The Historical Castle of Qizlar Qalasi which belongs to the later Sasanid and the earlieraIslamic period.

The Remainings of the maragheh Observatory which belongs to the Houlako period.

The Five Domes (Surkh, Kabood, Modawwar,Ghaffareyyeh, and Guei Borj) which belong to the Moguls period.

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The famous Cave of Kabootar which is located on the south-east of maragheh.

The Old Mosques of Molla Rustam, Moezel Deen,Shaykh Baba,as well as the Maragheh Jami’ Mosque, all belongs to different Islamic periods.

The Tomb of the famous Azarbijan poet,Aohadi Maragheh.

The Mineral Water Springs:Varjavi, Gushayesh,Sari Su,Shour Su, and Okoz Boughaz . the beautifl Valley of Gushayesh which is located near to the Kabooter Cave.

The Beautiful Outskirts of Mountainous Forests of Sahand which are located on the easter side of the district of Maragheh