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I was born in Tehran in 1973.

B.Sc. Applied Physics, Sharif University of Technology (1998)

M.Sc. Astronomy and Astrophysics, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (main branch: high energy astrophysics) (2005)

PhD of Astroparticle Physics, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (2010)


I started applied physics in Sharif University of Technology with a high rank in the entrance examination (524 of Iran, firs zone). In B.Sc, I studied superconductive warm matters in MRL (Magnet Research Laboratory) and worked as a researcher on different subjects of: setting up the magnet, measurement of the magnetic hysteresis, the technology of crystal growth and preparing superconductor samples. I also built a Tesla coil in a summer project!. Meanwhile my main field was Atomic and Molecular Physics, I also have studied topics of Special and General Relativity, Plasma Physics and Solid State.

As a M.Sc. student i studied High Energy Astrophysics. So i studied many topics e.g. I studied Group Theories, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory and also Experimental Particle Physics. I did my master research on production of antiprotons in progressive interactions of cosmic rays in ISM, in a simple diffusion regime. I also studied the models of Particle production in different sources such as Supernovas and AGN and studied topics about Compact Objects.

The Ph.D. was more detailed, as i tried to answer all my questions about the propagation of particles in the universe and in plasma environments of galaxies and galactic clusters. So i studied the Space Plasma Physics, Cosmology, Topics about Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Cosmic Microwave Background, Gamma ray Astronomy and … . I also studied more detailed topics on Elementary Particle Physics. Meanwhile as i needs good information about Statistical Mechanics, I also studied many topics in Statistical Mechanics, specially Equilibrium States. In addition programming and modeling the anybody systems are essential in my researches …

Of course, in the same time i had my hobbies like before: I studied seismometery and for a time worked in Kerman Earthquake Center; I  was interested to see how the Sun activities may have a connection with earthquake Center! I followed my violin and poetry too ….


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